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Huawei Tells Parliament It’s No Security Threat, Aiming to Avoid a Ban

来源:纽约时报    2019-06-12 10:09

        LONDON — A Huawei executive defended the company’s security practices in the face of tough questioning from members of the British Parliament on Monday, as the Chinese technology giant seeks to contain an American-led effort to ban it around the world.        伦敦——面对英国议会议员们的严厉质询,华为的一名高管周一为公司的安全做法进行了辩护。这家中国科技巨头正试图遏制由美国主导的在世界各地禁用华为设备的努力。
        John Suffolk, Huawei’s global cybersecurity and privacy officer, appeared at a hearing in the House of Commons about the safety of Britain’s telecommunications infrastructure. British leaders are facing pressure from the Trump administration to follow America’s lead in banning Huawei, the world’s largest maker of telecommunications equipment.        华为全球网络安全和隐私官约翰·萨福克(John Suffolk)在英国下院就国家电信基础设施安全问题举行的听证会上接受了质询。英国领导人正面临着来自特朗普政府的压力,要求他们效仿美国,禁用华为设备。华为是全球最大的电信设备制造商。
        The United States has argued that Huawei is beholden to the Chinese government, poses a grave national security threat and should not be allowed to help build the high-speed, next-generation networks known as 5G that will debut in the coming years.        美国提出理由称,华为受中国政府牵制,对国家安全构成严重威胁,不应允许华为帮助建设被称为5G的下一代高速网络。该网络将在未来几年间投入使用。
        At the hearing, Mr. Suffolk said Huawei was independent and would never undermine the safety of its equipment to satisfy demands from Beijing. “There are no laws in China that obligate us to work with the Chinese government,” he said during questioning. “There is no requirement.”        萨福克在听证会上说,华为是独立的企业,永远不会为满足北京的要求而损害其设备的安全性。“中国没有让我们有义务与中国政府合作的法律,”他接受质询时说。“没有这种要求。”
        Britain is weighing whether to allow Huawei to play a role in its new 5G networks. The company’s equipment is already being used in the country, but American authorities have raised new questions about the gear and the risks it poses to national security. The United States has threatened to restrict the intelligence it shares with countries that allow Huawei in its 5G networks.        英国正在权衡是否允许华为在其新的5G网络中发挥作用。英国已在使用华为的设备,但美国当局对华为设备提出了新的质疑,指出华为设备对国家安全构成风险。美国威胁,它将限制与允许华为进入5G网络的国家共享情报。
        Huawei has become a central piece of the trade dispute between the United States and China. After the American government recently blacklisted Huawei and threatened the company’s access to American technology, Beijing has moved to retaliate against American companies. Over the past week, Chinese authorities summoned major international tech companies to warn that they could face consequences if they cooperated with the Trump administration’s ban on sales of key American technology to Chinese companies.        华为已成为美中贸易争端的核心。美国政府最近将华为列入黑名单,让该公司获得美国技术的能力受到威胁之后,北京开始采取行动对美国公司进行报复。在过去的一周里,中国当局召见了国际大型技术企业,警告说,如果它们配合特朗普政府的禁令,不再向中国公司出售美国关键技术的话,它们会面临后果。
        “In this country at the moment there is a big debate: Should we be following what the Americans are trying to argue we should do, excluding Huawei, or should we include them and manage the risk?” Norman Lamb, the chairman of the Science and Technology Committee, said during the hearing on Monday.        “这个国家目前有一场大辩论:我们是应该按照美国人试图论证我们应该做的那样,把华为排除在外呢?还是应该接受华为,管理其带来的风险?”科学技术委员会主席诺曼·兰姆(Norman Lamb)在周一的听证会上说。
        British authorities have for years subjected Huawei products and code to review at a security facility about 80 miles outside London. While British intelligence officials have said the risk of Huawei can be mitigated, a government report issued in March highlighted “significant” security problems with the company’s equipment. The report didn’t link any of the flaws to the Chinese government.        多年来,英国当局一直在距离伦敦约100多公里外的一处安全设施内,对华为的产品和代码进行审查。虽然英国情报官员曾表示,可以减轻华为设备带来的风险,但政府在今年3月发布的一份报告中强调,该公司设备存在“重大的”安全问题。报告并没有将这些问题与中国政府联系起来。
        Mr. Suffolk said Huawei was committed to transparency and to fixing the problems highlighted by the March report. One challenge has been introducing product updates that don’t compromise the reliability of its network in other nations using older equipment, he said.        萨福克说,华为致力于提高透明度,致力于解决3月份的报告中指出的问题。他说,一个挑战是,如何推出产品更新,而又不在使用华为老设备的其他国家影响其网络的可靠性。
        “We stand naked in front of the world,” he said. “It may not be a pretty sight all of the time, but we would prefer to do that.”        “我们赤身裸体地站在世界面前,”他说。“这可能不会在所有时候都很好看,但我们宁愿这样做。”
        Representatives from Britain’s largest wireless networks said any security threats from Huawei could be alleviated.        英国几家大型无线网络公司的代表说,任何来自华为的安全威胁都是可以缓解的。
        “Our view is the risk can be managed,” Scott Petty, the chief technology officer at Vodafone, said at the hearing. He said the company used Huawei only in less critical parts of its network.        “我们的观点是,风险是可以控制的,”沃达丰(Vodafone)首席技术官斯科特·佩蒂(Scott Petty)在听证会上说。他表示,公司只在其网络的非关键部分使用华为设备。
        British lawmakers asked Mr. Suffolk if China could inject backdoor access into Huawei’s network without the company’s knowledge. Mr. Suffolk, without directly answering, noted that the United States had used those tactics to intercept global communications. “That’s what governments do,” he said.        英国立法者们问萨福克,中国是否能在华为不知情的情况下,在华为网络中设置后门。萨福克没有直接回答这个问题,而是指出,美国曾利用这种手段拦截全球通讯。“那是政府做的事情,”他说。
        The hearing became tense when members of Parliament asked Mr. Suffolk if Huawei made moral considerations before selling equipment to oppressive governments with a history of human rights abuse. Mr. Lamb noted an Australian research report that said Huawei provided equipment that Chinese authorities use to monitor the Uighurs, a Muslim minority in China’s northwestern region.        当下院议员问萨福克,华为在向有侵犯人权历史的专制政府出售设备之前,是否存在道德考虑时,听证会的气氛变得紧张起来。兰姆提到了澳大利亚的一份研究报告,该报告称,华为提供了中国当局用来监控维吾尔族人的设备。维吾尔族是中国西北地区的一个穆斯林少数民族。
        “I don’t think it’s for us to make such judgments,” Mr. Suffolk said. “The question is whether it’s legal in the country where we operate.”        “我不认为我们应该做出这种评价,”萨福克说。“要考虑的问题是,那样做在我们有运营的国家是否合法。”
        “You’re a moral vacuum,” a member of Parliament responded angrily.        “你们是道德真空,”一名下院议员愤怒地反驳道。
        “I don’t think so, no,” Mr. Suffolk replied.        “我不这么认为,不是,”萨福克回答说。

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