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Adults reveal what they miss the most about college

来源:中国日报    2019-06-14 08:52

        Being able to sleep at all hours of the day.        一天当中的任何时间都可以睡觉
        "Sleeping in."        “睡懒觉。”
- Kelsey Abkin
        "Napping every day."        “每天午睡。”
- Celia Skvaril
        "Staying up late playing video games with my friends. Now that I'm working I just can't seem to stay up past 10 anymore."        “和朋友一起熬夜打游戏。工作以后我好像已经没法10点以后睡觉了。”
- noypkamatayan
        Learning new things.        学习新东西
        "I'm a nerd so probably taking classes about things you enjoy, and learning new things."        “我是个书呆子,所以我怀念上喜欢的课和学习新知识。”
- Janaya Wecker
        "I miss the challenge of coursework."        “我怀念作业带来的挑战。”
- Reddit user
        "[I miss] being surrounded by people who valued knowledge and learning."        “我怀念身边都是一群重视学识的人。”
- not_falling_down
        "I miss undergrad a lot. There was more time to take more liberties in what courses I wanted to take; electives were possible."        “我非常怀念自己的本科时代。有更多时间可以自由选择自己想学的课程,还能上选修课。”
- Reddit user
        Having a defined structure and clear cut tasks.        计划清晰、任务明确
        "Being able to schedule my day where I could sleep late, be finished with classes before 3 pm, take a nap if I wanted, and stay awake as late as I wanted."        “能够按照夜猫子的作息来安排时间,下午3点前就上完课,然后可以睡个觉,夜里想熬到几点都行。”
- brandmed
        'The thing I miss the most is really how 'structured' it was — you have an end goal, you know exactly the steps to take to get there, and you can tell what's next. Now that I'm (allegedly) an adult, it kind of feels like free falling."        “我最怀念的就是大学时代那种“有条理”——你有一个最终目标,你知道怎么做能够达到目标,你了解下一步是什么。现在我是成年人了,感觉就像自由落体。”
- mozzarellapizza
        Having a three-month vacation.        拥有长达三个月的假期
        "The only part I miss is having long breaks in the summer and at Christmas time."        “我唯一怀念的就是长长的寒暑假。”
- justsamthings
        Access to free or cheap things just because you're a student.        学生时代享受的很多东西都是免费或低价的
        "My mom buying things."        “买东西是我妈付钱。”
- Kelsey Abkin
        "Something I reeeaaaalllly miss is how much free stuff I had access to, like counseling and workshops for things like resumes."        “我超级怀念的就是我能享有很多免费服务,比如咨询服务或简历研讨会。”
- amandapillar
        "I never appreciated how much access to free stuff, even just activities, I had [in college]. Every performance was under $6, and most were totally free."        “在大学时我没有意识到这么多免费活动的可贵。每场演出的票价都不到6美元(42元人民币),大多数演出都完全免费。”
- palacesofparagraphs
        Having a built-in social life.        不出校门就能拥有社交生活
        "Seeing friends on a regular basis (literally haven't seen some friends since I graduated last May)."        “定期和朋友聚聚(自从去年5月份毕业后,跟一些朋友就没见过面。)”
- Olivia Singh
        "I miss having all my friends living so close together. We'd see each other every day. In real life, not so much..."        “我怀念那时候朋友们都住得这么近。我们每天都见面。步入社会以后就不常见了……”
- Panoramic_Vacuum
        "No matter what time of the day or day of the week, someone was always around to hang out or talk to."        “无论是一天当中的什么时间或是一周当中的哪一天,总能找到人一起玩或说话。”
- The_Phantom_W
        "I miss hanging out with my college friends every day. I also miss not having to go to work every day. Life was more varied back then."        “我怀念每天都能和朋友一起玩。我还怀念不用天天上班。那时候的生活更丰富多彩。”
- _JeanGenie_
        Feeling like you have a purpose in life.        感觉人生有目标
        "Having a sense of direction in my life."        “人生有方向感。”
- slxsx
        "I miss college because of all the optimism for the future. I used to work so hard on my future, now I'm stuck in a s---y 9 to 5 job, I work very little towards making my dreams come true, and I'm getting stressed because I don't have full control over my life."        “我怀念大学是因为那时候对未来充满了乐观的期待。我曾经为前途而努力奋斗,现在我却在一份朝九晚五的工作中裹足不前,距离实现梦想也日渐遥远。而且我感到压力重重,因为我无法完全掌控自己的生活。”
- lilipad123
        "I miss just having a purpose in life. Up until college society has a purpose for you but after college it just ends and it sucks."        “我怀念人生有目标的感觉。一直到大学我的人生都有目标,但是大学毕业后我的人生就失去了目标,这种感觉糟透了。”
- possum4ever
        Access to all the "free" facilities on campus, like libraries, art studios, and the gym, to name a few.        可以免费使用所有设施,比如图书馆、画室、健身馆
        "Gym membership for $90 a semester to a big gym. Art studios that are big and have everything."        大型健身馆一学期的会员费只要90美元。画室也很大,什么都有。
- NorthKoreanJesus
        "More opportunities to be outside."        “有更多室外活动的机会。”
- flashjane
        Not being considered weird for going out every night.        每晚外出也不会被看成异类
        "Having a good excuse to go out any night of the week."        “随便哪天晚上出去都能找到很好的理由。”
- Celia Skvaril
        Living in the dorms (yes, really).        住宿舍
        "I miss living in the dorm. Having a wee private space to myself, but common areas and other people I liked right outside my door was great. I'm sick of this 'drive across town if you want to watch TV with a friend' nonsense."        “我怀念住在宿舍的时光。有一点点私人空间,但门外就是公共区域和我喜欢的人们。现在如果想和朋友一起看电视要开车走很远的路,烦死了。”
- localgyro
        "I miss having access to countless numbers of closets. I had to buy my own blazer, boots, etc. after I graduated because I couldn't borrow those pieces of clothing from my roommate."        “我怀念那些供我使用的数不清的衣物。毕业后我得自己买夹克、靴子等各种东西,因为我再也不能向舍友借了。”
- camchristiney
        Basically, everything.        还有人什么都怀念
        'Things I miss: varied breaks between courses, always having something to be working on, all my friends being in the same place all day, wider range of choice, pizza rolls for three meals a day."        “我怀念:课间的各种活动,总是有事做,我的朋友们都住在一起,选择面更宽,每天三顿都吃披萨卷。”
- junjun_pon
        "There were a lot of great social groups outside of my academic areas that I was able to join, where I made some of the best friends I've ever had. I miss those people, and I miss the lower level of pressure. I miss my free time being TOTALLY mine. I miss being 22."        “在学习之余我能参加许多很棒的社团,在那里我交到了一些最好的朋友。我怀念他们,我怀念压力不大的生活。我怀念完全属于自己的自由时间。我怀念自己的22岁。”
- Reddit user

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